Q&A: Mikey Mendoza

Q&A: Mikey Mendoza Meeting Robbie Madison – just another day in the life of Mikey Mendoza.

RB: Mate welcome to the Red Bull team, how do you feel?
MM: I’m pretty damn happy dude!, and overwhelmed, you know, If somebody had of told me three years ago, “Mikey you’re gonna be on the Red Bull team one day” I would have said, “Yeah right!” It’s just an awesome feeling!

RB: What does a day in the life of Mikey Mendoza usually entail?MM: wake up at 6:30am to get ready for school, and make myself breakfast. After I’ve guzzled down a chocolate milk and some cereal I go back up to my room and make my bed before getting ready to ride to school. Yeah I know, most 15 year-old kids would probably dread making their bed, but my Aunty has turned me into a “Clean Freak” hahaha! At 3pm when school finishes I go skating at the basketball court across from my house for 2 hours, then straight back into the homework. I’m pretty busy all day dude! Weekends = skate the whole time.

RB: Only confident guys wear pink, so tell us about the Pink Shoes you’ve got on.
MM: Oh yes, I knew you’d bring up the pink shoes! To tell you the truth, I actually really like the colour anyway! They stand out a lot so I guess that’s what I want! The shoe is the new Nike SB Koston 2. They just came out a week ago and I’m just skating them for the first time. Pretty fresh.

RB: Who’s been your greatest influence in skating growing up?
MM: My good mate Jason Heather was a big influence to me in terms of skating. He knew how rough it was for me at home, so he picked me up from my house every weekend and took me skating. Skating with him all the time made me get better at skating a lot quicker, because I was skating with guys three times older and better than I was. Growing up there have been so many people who have had a big influence with my skating, but without Jason giving me a helping hand I most likely wouldn’t be where I am now.

Maddo and Mikey© Red Bull

RB: You met Robbie Maddison in the office today and he gave you a shout out on Instagram, what was that like?
MM: To tell you the truth man, I pretty much lost my mind, I was so lucky, he was about to leave the Red Bull HQ! He was just a humble guy and very down to earth and look, you know someone’s famous when they give you a shout out on Instagram and you get 400+ Followers in one day! So stoked!