• Week 2 in the Life – New York City!

    The City that shaped America, the City of dreams is also shaping me and my dream into something more. I’ve honestly felt a homely sensation here in NYC, I’ve been so welcomed into this city by everybody I’ve met, its just like i’m meant to be here. It’s true what they say; this place is a melting pot –  The whole world, cramped into one city is what makes NYC so unique. read more

  • Week 1 in the Life – CHICAGO & WOODWARD PA

    Good bye Australia and hello America!! And what a week its been, a 13 hour flight, 1 night in Chicago and a quick flight to Pennsylvania to be apart of the worlds best and longest running skate camp, Camp Woodward PA! I swear I’ve been in the sky more than on land this past week! and even when I’m on land I’m on cloud 9! Massive Thank You to Red Bull Australia for helping me get here to test my skills among some of the worlds best Am’s!


    read more

  • Mikey: “I just gotta skate more and go hard!”

    Don’t expect to hear from Mikey Mendoza over the next eight weeks.

    The grom is on summer holidays and taking a sabbatical from all things that don’t include four wheels, two trucks and a gripped deck.

    Family and study took priority for Mikey this year, meaning he couldn’t spend as much time at the skatepark as he would have liked. And unfortunately, it showed at the Volcom Wild in the Parks Championships last week where he fell short of claiming back-to-back national titles.

    But, as you’d expect from the world’s happiest kid, Mikey has already found an upside and has wasted no time beating himself up about it.

    “Yeah, my name wasn’t on the winner’s card, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” he says, all chipper and friendly.

    “I believe you learn from everything you do. I feel because I lost the contest, I have learnt about my skating much more than I would have if I had won.

    “I still feel I skated really well. So while I’m not bummed, yeah, it’s not a good feeling. I just gotta skate more and go hard!”

    And go hard he will, with no plans for summer but hitting skateparks up on the Gold Coast – and maybe a sneaky trip here or there. It helps when you have friends in high places…

    “I’ve got eight solid weeks for consistent skateboarding! Go for it, right?” he finishes with a laugh.